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Top Ten Western Holiday 2021 Gift Guide

Nov, 26 2021

Top Ten Western Gifts Under $100 No images? Click here   No need to stress, we’ve got something for the cowgirl or cowboy on your lis...

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Top Ten Cowboy Gift Ideas

Oct, 31 2020

No need to stress, we’ve got something for the cowgirl or cowboy on your list.   # 1 COWBOY SCARVES Wrap them up tight with our colorful arr...

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Gifts For the Western Cowboy

Sep, 18 2019

We made it easy to browse through a special selection of Cattle Kate items that are perfect for any western cowboy, western enthusiast, rancher or cattleman. Get inspired, get creative and find some i...

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Western Vest Inspired by Belle Starr

Aug, 23 2018

Belle Starr known as the "Bandit Queen", was born Myra Maybelle Shirley on February 5th, 1848. Married a couple of times then last to her husband Sam Starr. Belle and Sam were charged with horse steal...

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Life in the 1800's

Jul, 26 2017

People had to work hard from sunrise to sunset just in order to survive. FOOD: Most Americans ate what they hunted locally or grew. Corn and beans were common, a gallon of milk was 32 cents. LIFE EXPE...

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Celebrating the Legacy of Cattle Kate

Apr, 23 2017

Following the aftermath of French Revolution, people began taking clothing as a mere form of an individual expression, of their true self, rather than the display of social status. This particular shi...

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New Updated Website!

Mar, 29 2017

Welcome to the new Cattle Kate website! We may be old fashioned but now our website isn't! Lots of new western products being added daily! Join our email club for all the updates as they happen. ...

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Horse Riding Attire

Aug, 22 2016

We are updating the colors in our classic Riding Apparel line. We have the Classic Riding Skirt, Riding Jacket, Riding Vest and 1800's Split Riding Skirt. They are all interchangable and have been a c...

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New Storefront in Boise, Idaho

Aug, 11 2016

We are now up and running in our new store. The building is great! It has a great western design with corrigated metal front and rustic barnwood accents. We even have a 9 foot windmill and steel hitch...

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History of Old West Clothing

Apr, 30 2016

Cowboys enjoy a mythical importance among American legends. From legendary lawmen, to fearless outlaws, our imaginations of the Old West have been inspired by movies, dime novels, country music, the W...

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Western Movie Magic

Apr, 26 2016

Working on movies is probably one of our favorite projects. Recently we have been a part of Django Unchained with our Frock coat and vest and Men's 3-in-1 Button shirt. We have worked with supplying o...

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Stock up on your Western Apparel Needs

Apr, 13 2016

Cattle Kate is having a Five Day Sale now through April 18th, 2016! Orders made now through then will receive a 15% off your total purchase. Now is a good time to get that new cowboy hat you have been...

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Men's Western Wear Options

Apr, 07 2016

First I must apologize to all the men Cattle Kate shoppers. We do not have nearly the selection of clothing that we should for you. Well that is going to change.  We have a notebook of ideas comi...

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Cowboy Hats

Mar, 31 2016

Cowboy hats were essential tools for anyone working in the elements of the American Old West. Stetson's first style had an open crown and was nicknamed the "Boss of the Plains". After that came the cr...

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Spring Western Fashion

Mar, 29 2016

Cattle Kate is known for our classic western clothing reminescent of the 1800's clothing. While we have always stayed with a classic old west look we are now going to be creating a new line we like to...

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Western Silk Scarves- Don't leave home without it!

Mar, 16 2016

Western silk scarves are not only a staple in the western wear look and make a great accessory to your outfit they also benefit you in warmth. I am always amazed when I wear my scarves how much of a d...

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Planning a Western Wedding

Mar, 15 2016

A western themed wedding is becoming a more and more popular theme for a wedding. And why not? Not only is it a fun way to celebrate but the ideas are endless and you can really get creative and save ...

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Prairie Rose Henderson a True American Cowgirl

Mar, 08 2016

When you say Prairie Rose what do you think of? A flower? I think of a woman of the Wild West, Rose Henderson better known as Prairie Rose. She made a name for herself first in the Cheyenne Froniter d...

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Wagons moving across the west

Mar, 05 2016

We are preparing for a large move here at Cattle Kate in a few months. Nowadays we can call a moving company or friends and get it done fairly quickly. Which got me thinking about the good old west da...

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Vintage Riding Apparel

Mar, 04 2016

The fabrics worn for riding from the mid-seventeenth to the early twentieth centuries were made from silks, muslins, and velvets. The fabric used for making women's riding habits could be very expensi...

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Gifts for your Cowgirl

Nov, 10 2015

The perfect selection of Cowgirl Gifts for your everyday cowgirls and cowgirls-at-heart! We've added a variety to our list of suggestions that includes Beaded Horsehair Hatbands to a Flower Cowgirl Bo...

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Gift Ideas for your Cowboy

Sep, 22 2015

Some cowboys are just so darn hard to buy for! We have created a page on our website just for that reason. A variety of gift suggestions that will hopefully make your shopping easier. Maybe an authent...

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Sarah Bowman The Great Western

Oct, 16 2014

Working on new designs here at Cattle Kate we look to the past for inspiration. Inspiration from hollywood, modern western wear and great characters of our past. One lady that currently has our attent...

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Silver City Idaho

Sep, 12 2013

A couple weeks ago some friends and I made a day trip to Silver City, Idaho. If you have never been or never heard of Silver City it is a ghost town about 2 hours southwest of Boise, Idaho. If you lik...

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Western Clothing

Jun, 11 2013

Our western clothing is designed and made right in Boise, Idaho. We take inspirations for the past and add touches of modern design to create our Cattle Kate designs. Western clothing has so many elem...

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Django Unchained

May, 08 2013

We had the honor last year of working on a few garments for the spaghetti western Django Unchained. Our clasic Frock coat was adorned on character Billy Crash. It was a great experience for us and whi...

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Western Catalog Issue #15

Apr, 03 2011

Finally completed Cattle Kate Catalog #15, we have added a few new great designs that have had a great response such as our Ingalls 1800 Skirt and Laura Blouse. For the first time this catalog ha...

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Cowboy Boots....Big Business

Feb, 07 2011

We are happily located in Boise, Idaho. We love the area and the people. One thing Boise is in need of is a good western supplier of cowboy boots. There are few shops here that carry any and...

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New items

Jan, 30 2011

We are looking everyday for great new western items to compliment our western clothing line. Recently we have added new horsehair items such as our tooled leather and horsehair, spiral horsehair and c...

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Home home on the Range

Oct, 04 2010

Cattle Kate has been hard at work getting a new catalog to you before the Holidays approach. We are on the final stages and have lots of new Cattle Kate western designs, new silk wild rags, vintage we...

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Cattle Kate new western catalog

Jun, 03 2010

It's been a long time over due for a new updated Cattle Kate catalog and it is finally in the works. We are so excited to show you our new western and modern designs. We are reaching back to the Victo...

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April Sale of the Month

Apr, 07 2010

In celebration of Easter, we have marked down our Western Silk Scarves in seleceted colors from our Jacquard Silk and Solid Silk collections. We say you can never have too many scarves. They are ...

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Did you know?

Mar, 19 2010

Cattle Kate is a small western clothing manufacture dedicated to quality hand made western garments. Because we are a small company we can spend more time with each customer and create special orders ...

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Cattle Kate Western Wedding

Mar, 14 2010

Summer weddings are approaching quickly and Cattle Kate is ready to help you. In 2009, we expanded our western wedding line and have continued to add accessories to help you plan your western wed...

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Cattle Kate hand made western clothing.

Feb, 19 2010

Cattle Kate was established in 1980 by Kathy Bressler and started with only wild rags that were sewn in her basement. In 2004, Michelle Miles took over the company and has continued Kathy's ...

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