Classic Old West Clothing. Made in the USA

Horse Riding Attire

We are updating the colors in our classic Riding Apparel line. We have the Classic Riding Skirt, Riding Jacket, Riding Vest and 1800's Split Riding Skirt. They are all interchangable and have been a classic staple in our clothing. The Skirts are full and great for riding and very comfortable. The vest has a more modern design and great for summer allowing for a bit cooler option. The Riding Jacket is a classic design and looks great with the Split Riding Skirt and has fitted seams and has a great fit.

We are working on our first photo shoot of the new catalog. Our photography is inspired by the iconic vintage images of cowgirls from the 20's and 30's lined up in there attire. With their ten gallon hats, roping cuffs, lariats, riding skirts and all looking fabulous in their own individual style.

Check back to our Riding Apparel to see new colors and like our Facebook Page for photo shoot images and updates.