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Men's Western Wedding

Men's Western Wedding

Best In Men's Western Wedding Clothes If you're a groom looking to saddle up on your wedding day, “The Wild West” would be the perfect theme for you! Browse our men's line of brocade vests and western ties to make it a perfect day for you and your western sweetheart! Men's Western Wedding, Wedding Neck Ties

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The complete cowboy wedding attire for your western theme wedding. In the 1890's, the frock coat was considered a formal style of men's dress for the afternoon and seen on many grooms. We offer several different ... view more

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Choose wedding necessities that will create an authentic cowboy ensemble for your country or western theme wedding. If you're a groom looking to saddle up on your wedding day we ... view more

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Up until fairly recently, it was only women who wore wedding rings! While some men wore wedding rings before the mid 1900’s, it wasn’t until the second World War that wearing a wedding ring became a ... view more