Classic Old West Clothing. Made in the USA

Prairie Rose Henderson a True American Cowgirl

When you say Prairie Rose what do you think of? A flower? I think of a woman of the Wild West, Rose Henderson better known as Prairie Rose.

She made a name for herself first in the Cheyenne Froniter days winning first place in 1899. The first place prize was a $45 saddle.

In addition to preforming at rodeos she joined the Irwin Brothers Wild West Show and dazzled crowds with her daring feats. She also became a fashion sensation designing her own riding clothes. Her classic look was a wide-brimmed hat and knee-length bloomers covered with a skirt and cowboy boots. Her outfits were adorned in feathers and sequins and were not to be overlooked.

I am sure this horsewoman would have been a real fun cowgirl to ride with. She was daring, spirited and determined, a true American Cowgirl. 

Our company has been dedicated to carrying on old west clothing adding our modern day touch of stlye. We hand make all of our clothing here in Boise, Idaho with great attention to quality and detail. The generous amounts of fine quality fabrics in our Western Clothing, the exquisite trims and the finishing touches will remind you of Western Wear made by skilled pioneer women from the past such as Prairie Rose an inspiration to our new designs!