Classic Old West Clothing. Made in the USA

Men's Western Wear

Men's Western Wear

Our men's western wear line is inspired by the rough life of western cowboys seeking their futures in the western frontier. From the working cowboy to the modern-day cowboy the old west lives on with style and function.

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Men's western leather or woolen vests worn over the shirt provided additional warmth and protection from the elements. Western wear vests were also essential for its pockets ... view more

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Wether you owned or herded cattle, how you dressed in your leisure time was just as important as how you dressed for work. Men's western shirts had long sleeves that covered and proteced them from ... view more

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When weather turned cold, cowboys on the range wore a duster made of canvas that reached the ankles and a split up the back to accommodate his saddle. 

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Old West Cowboy Clothing was an essential part of a cowboy's day. Old West britches, cowboy western pants or saddle seat pants were often bought second-hand and worn day after day. Made of wool or convas then, the tra ... view more