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Enjoy the Wild West! Learn about it's history and folklore in our western book collection or decorate and share your love of the American Frontier with some western wall art. The Old West was an oustanding period of t ... view more

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The days of washing your clothing in the creek, cooking your meals on campfire and traveling by covered wagon or horseback were some of the hardships of the old west. Keep the old west alive in your  ... view more

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Cattle Kate brings western ranch style decor with a rough and tumble look to your home. Shop for western decor for your home or cabin! From lighting, artwork and accents, create a unique& ... view more

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Technological advancements in the kitchen were constant, most of which aimed at reducing labor and time. From the small roasting wheel, to the use of coal then gas, the invention of cast iron, electricity, and pl ... view more

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Your western themed bathroom is a luxury compaired to the outhouses our ancestors used. There was no light, no water or electricity. The cresent Moon on the door of many outhouses goes back to Colonial times. In ... view more

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Until the 1900's scarves were simply knotted, about this time a scarf slide was used. Simple to fancy we have a collection of western scarf slides for any budget and any style.

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Cowboys would only carry the essential supplies on the trail such as a lariat, bedroll, sharp knife and maybe some cured meats or beans. Their saddlebags often carried all of their valued possessions and usually the o ... view more

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Men's western neck wear has been made of every kind of material and whether they were called cravats, jabots, bandannas, bolos, ascots, bows, kerchiefs, or simply ties, neckties have been use ... view more

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If you are planning a western wedding you will need a charming cake topper. You can demonstrate the true devotion to the western theme by having the cake adorn a western feel.

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Country weddings don't have to take place in a barn. You can have fun decorating any venue with a western theme with some easy and simple touches. Add some hay bales, toast out of mason jars or add a lantern or bird c ... view more

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The bandana, kerchief, wild rag, wipes or otherwise known as scarves were something a cowboy could not live without in the old west. It came in handy for many uses such as a dusk mask, earmuffs, sun protection, pot ho ... view more

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Choose your favorite piece of western art that fits your space and taste. Shop our unique collection of quality western themed art, canvas horse prints and crosses. Accent your decor and capture real life in ... view more

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Cowboys covered their rough hands with leather gauntlet gloves usually of deerskin or other leather that is soft and flexible for working purposes.Western style leather gloves provided protection when handling ba ... view more

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The complete cowboy wedding attire for your western theme wedding. In the 1890's, the frock coat was considered a formal style of men's dress for the afternoon and seen on many grooms. We offer several different ... view more

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Our men's western wear line is inspired by the rough life of western cowboys seeking their futures in the western frontier. From the working cowboy to the modern-day cowboy the old west lives on with style and function.

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In the 1800's women often made all the clothing for their family including old west dresses for themselves. Cattle Kate creates old west clothing reminiscent of the 1800's inspired by the skilled women of the past. 

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Most wool and dress pants were loose fitting and required some extra support and suspenders were popular items in the 1800’s. Although there was elastic available it was a very high dollar item and was not ... view more

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Western belts add style to your cowboy or cowgirl lifestyle. Whether you need a plain tooled leather belt or fancier concho style belt we have one for every occasion. After you find the right western belt make su ... view more

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Men's western leather or woolen vests worn over the shirt provided additional warmth and protection from the elements. Western wear vests were also essential for its pockets ... view more

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Twentieth-century folklore has it that a homesteader could mail-order a wife to be delivered to his dusty doorstep just as easily as he could order a rifle, stove, or stomach cure. If you have a love for t ... view more

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Western wedding dresses are unique and have a style of their own which are a bit different from the average selection of bridal gowns. We've created a collection of wedding dresses fro ... view more

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Western style wedding favors fit for any rustic wedding. Make sure you say "thanks" to all your guests in fun western or vintage style.

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Cattle Kate designs and maufactures authentic old west women's clothing. Each piece is made in the USA by one of our talented seamstresses. Find your woman's western wear here from old west dresses to the pantaloons t ... view more

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Our women's western clothing has kept the elegance of the era with modern day style. Cattle Kate designs and manufactures classic old west clothing for women with fabric and details that will remind you of w ... view more

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Cowboy hats were essential tools for anyone working in the elements of the American Old West. Stetson's first style had an open crown and was nicknamed the "Boss of the Plains". After that came the creased look that w ... view more

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Antler or bone buckles were probably the first to be seen back in the hunting and gathering days. By the 1900's cowboys could be spotted wearing western style buckles. However, during this time buckles were rare and f ... view more

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Welcome to our collection of Western Signs and Sayings. We have a great selection of Old West wisdom, old sayings, and famous cowboy quotes, funny western sayings and ones ... view more

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We have wide selection of Cowgirl necklaces from a funky western flair to modest style. We have the hand crafted, we have your turquoise and gemstones and we even have the simple boot or horse necklaces. Bro ... view more

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The tradition of a wedding guest book began many hundreds of years ago.  There was a need for testimony of those in attendance to the covenant of the marriage.  Those signing their names would be ... view more

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The old frontier cowboy had a uniform that varied from man to man depending on his own individual style and type of work he preformed. Most of the western accessories a man needed like a new pocket watc ... view more

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Wether you owned or herded cattle, how you dressed in your leisure time was just as important as how you dressed for work. Men's western shirts had long sleeves that covered and proteced them from ... view more

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Best In Men's Western Wedding Clothes If you're a groom looking to saddle up on your wedding day, “The Wild West” would be the perfect theme for you! Browse our men's line of brocade vests and&n ... view more

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Cowboy hats were essential tools for anyone working in the elements of the American Old West. Stetson's first style had an open crown and was nicknamed the "Boss of the Plains". After that came the creased look ... view more

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Every cowgirl bride has her own style and vision for her special day. Our clasic western wedding dresses can be accessorized with traditional western jewelry, lace parasols, western style shawls, or a cowboy charm gar ... view more

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Choose wedding necessities that will create an authentic cowboy ensemble for your country or western theme wedding. If you're a groom looking to saddle up on your wedding day we ... view more

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A cowboy's hat was not only used to protect him from the sun and rain, but also was used to carry water, fan fires, act as a feed bag or whip for his horse or even as a pillow under the western skies.

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Our men's western wear clothing is inspired by the rough life of western cowboys seeking their futures in the western frontier. From the working cowboy to the modern-day cowboy the old west lives on with style and function.

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Our line of western skirts consist of old west silhouettes derived from modern day western style. Whether it is a long western skirt you're looking to reminisce the yester years in or a ... view more

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The jewelry of the 1800's expressed sentiment, and bracelets were no exception. Bracelets would contain lockets or charms with pictures or hair of a loved one, and engravings were common. Western style brace ... view more

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Accessories to a women's look were quite varied. In addition to a parasol, lace fans or handkerchief, gloves were considered a must. And according to some, women were not considered proper lad ... view more

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Many women of the 19th century had their ears pierced and when not wearing their bonnets wore delicate wire hook earrings, not post earrings. The women kept hair shorter and cleaner, but enhanced ... view more

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Up until fairly recently, it was only women who wore wedding rings! While some men wore wedding rings before the mid 1900’s, it wasn’t until the second World War that wearing a wedding ring became a ... view more

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Cowboy hats can fit anyones personal stlye with different brim widths and crown shapes. You can also customize your hat style with your own hatband or stampede string to make it that much more unique to you.

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Until the late 1800's belts were not commonly used in the west. Suspenders held a man's pants in place and were buttoned on. The first holster mounted onto belts started showing up in the mid 1800's but still the ... view more

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Howdy partners! Western Theme Frames offered in a variety of standard sizes and unique styles. Great as a gift or to give a touch of western t ... view more

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Your little flower girl or ring bearer can bring so many smiles to the guests as they make their way down the isle. Traditional or not you can be creative in the way they carry the items down the isle. We suggest a ho ... view more

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The history of western clothing one thing is always present, a western scarf or as we like to call them "cowboy wild rags". We have created a unique collection of western silk scarves with a variety of ... view more

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Women rarely, if ever, spoke of intimate garments and were considered too improper an item to even make by hand. Undergarments were aquired through newspaper, magazine and catalog advertisements. view more

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A cowboy would have to carry everything he might need with him on his horse. His lifestyle was plague with many dangers. Virtually everything the cowboy wore or kept close was designed to keep him safe from all ... view more

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When weather turned cold, cowboys on the range wore a duster made of canvas that reached the ankles and a split up the back to accommodate his saddle. 

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Add some fun and country flair to your western wedding theme with these delightful western wedding accessories. Choose wedding necessities that will create an authentic cowboy atmo ... view more

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Many peices of jewelry worn on the froniter were probably family heirlooms and brought only on special occasions. Add a special touch to your wedding day with a piece of western victorian jewelry. Whether it be a simp ... view more

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Around the 1860's bracelets were most often worn as matched pairs, like earrings. Pocket watches were often made in small ladies’ sizes as well, but probably were originally made more as jewelry i ... view more

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By the eighteenth century overcoats had begun to replace capes and cloaks as outwear. Women often wore dusters to protect their clothing, which would reach to the floor and be fastened with buttons. < ... view more

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Old West Cowboy Clothing was an essential part of a cowboy's day. Old West britches, cowboy western pants or saddle seat pants were often bought second-hand and worn day after day. Made of wool or convas then, the tra ... view more

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Great Looking womens belts, sure to please! Ranging from rhinestone-studded to camo and leather tooling to beaded that will complete your western wardrobe. 

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Cowboy and Cowgirl Leather Gloves, Canteens and Roping Cuffs are only a few of the leather items needed for the trail. And for the cowboys and cowgirls not on the trail we also carry western style bracelets made of horsehair and leather.

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The Wild West,aka the Old West, was an astoundingly awesome period in American. Life was simple and possessions few. It was likely that the average settler would trade to get things they needed or wanted. Find your western Trinket below....

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Isolation on the plains meant that farm families had to make their own fun. Cowboy Poetry and wild west stories offered good sources of home entertainment.

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Back in the Wild West days the only decoartions in the home might be a candle in the windsill or pair of handmade curtains.  In the cowtowns of the prairies, one might see steer horns, spurs, and saddl ... view more

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Men's western style jewerly such as buckles and money clips are a modern day accessory for men now. Back in the gold rush days a lucky minor would often mount a small gold nugget to a sti ... view more

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From the western cake toppers, to mini cowboy hat favors we have plenty to make you say "yee-haw" when it comes to your view more

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Vests are perfect to wear to the barn or on the town and add that layer or warmth or style to your day. Women's western vests in suede, wool or leather in modern and Old West fashions.

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Ladies' western style handbags or purses were generally kept tucked inside the pockets of their dress or skirt. When they were carried or worn on the outside they were small drawstring or clasp bags. Ladies of th ... view more

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Cattle Kate designs women's blouses with inspiration from 1800's clothing but with modern influences that keep that feminine touch. From the classic view more

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One of the hottest wedding trends is the western wedding trend. Couples are selecting locations like ranch wedding venues and barn wedding venues to host their big day and with those venu ... view more

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Combs have played an important role in western hairstyles, especially during the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. Millions of women around the world wore hair combs to adorn the l ... view more

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For evening, necklaces and tiaras were acceptable. Brooches and stickpins were often worn to adorn a woman's dress. Brooches were used to fasten the collar at the neckline. Brooches have ... view more

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Saddle up in one of our popular and comfortable Split Riding Skirts for any western event. Wear them with one of our classic Riding Jackets or a cool Riding Vest. Accessorize your outfit with a pai ... view more

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Women of the American wild west had to be resourceful to cope with the elements that surrounded them. Conditions were harsh and there were few amenities. Cattle Kate offers perfect accessories that ladies might have n ... view more

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Shoes were usually handmade in the cobbler’s shop, with nails or pegs used to bind the sole to the upper. As usual, women’s legs were never shown and feet were only glimpsed once in a while when sitt ... view more