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Blouses and Vests

1800's Inspired Western Vest, Blouses And Tops

Cattle Kate designs women's blouses with inspiration from the 1800's but with modern influences that keep that feminine touch. From the classic Nell Blouse great for historical re-enactors to our popular Angel Blouse that compliments all our western skirts.

Tie'em Up Cowgirl Top

$87.00 $69.00

Walking Vest


Western American Shirt

$97.00 $97.00

Angel Blouse


Calico Camisole

$65.00 $32.50

Laura Blouse


Silk Jacquard Nell Blouse

$129.75 $51.90

Amy Oakley Vest


Corral Blouse


Woman's GR Vest


Ella Blouse


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