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Woman's Western Wear

Maneuvering through dusty streets and rough terrain of the Wild West, complicated clothing proved to be impractical. Women's clothing of the 1800's was a feminine silhouette, full skirts, high necks and long hemlines. Our women's western clothing has kept the elegance of the era with modern day style. Cattle Kate designs and manufactures classic old west clothing for women with fabric and details that will remind you of western wear made by a skilled pioneer woman of the past.

 Riding Attire   Blouses and Vests

Old West Dresses   Western Skirts

Woman's Accessories

Accessories to a women's look were quite varied. In addition to a parasol, lace fans or handkerchief; gloves were considered a must. And according to some, women were not considered proper ladies if they appeared in public without a shawl.

Necklaces, Earrings, Barrettes, Watches, Purses, Other

Men's Western Wear

Authentic Re-created Western Wear For Men

Our men's western wear line is inspired by the rough life of western cowboys seeking their futures in the western frontier. From the working cowboy to the modern-day cowboy the old west lives on with style and function.

Western Vests, Western Shirts and Bolos & Silk Ties

Western Accessories

Every item of a western wardrobe had a dual purpose and was decorative as well as functional. We carry all the necessary western acessories for western clothing from gauntlets gloves to belts and cowboy hats.

Western Belts, Western Hats, Gloves and Bracelets!

Western Home and Gifts

Western Home Decor

The days of washing your clothing in the creek, cooking your meals on campfire and traveling by covered wagon or horseback were some of the hardships of the old west. Keep the old west alive in your western home.

Western Books, Wall Art, Home & Garden, Western Kitchen, & Western Bathroom

Western Scarves & Slides

The history of western clothing one thing is always present, a western scarf or as we like to call them "cowboy wild rags". We have created a unique collection of western silk scarves with a variety of style and colors. Don't forget to add a scarf slide to accessorize your new wild rag.

Silk Scarves, Scarf Slides

Western Wedding

Bring the romance of the old west alive in your western wedding. We can help supply you with decorations, books, guest books and more! Western Wedding Decorations, Western Guest Books, Wedding Books

Women's Western Wedding | Western Wedding Dresses

Western wedding dresses are unique and have a style of their own which are a bit different from the average selection of bridal gowns. We've created a collection of wedding dresses from the day you could mail order the bride too.

Western Wedding Dresses, Western Wedding Boots, Wedding Jewelry

Men's Western Wedding

Men's Western Wedding Wear

Best In Men's Western Wedding Clothes If you're a groom looking to saddle up on your wedding day, “The Wild West” would be the perfect theme for you! Browse our men's line of brocade vests and western ties to make it a perfect day for you and your western sweetheart! Men's Western Wedding, Wedding Neck Ties

Western Hats, Riding Skirts, Western VestsWestern Wall Art, Bracelets,Leather Gloves and so much more!

For those who are drawn to America's western heritage, Cattle Kate provides a ticket back to that time and place in the old west. I hope you find in our designs the quality, honesty and strength that I have found in our frontier past.

This unique line of Western Apparel offered by Cattle Kate is all manufactured in rural America with great attention to detail. The generous amounts of fine quality fabrics in this Western Clothing, the exquisite trims and the finishing touches will remind you of Western Wear made by skilled pioneer women from the past.

Live in the Boise, Idaho area or visiting? Come see our western wear store located at 1533 N Wildwood Way in Boise, Idaho.

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We are a small clothing company inspired by 1800's western clothing. Our clothing is designed and handmade right here in Boise, Idaho with the help of our talented staff of seamstresses. We work quickly to fulfill all orders however handmade clothing requires attention to detail and quality control. If you have an event you are needing items for be sure to let us know so we can make that deadline for you.

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