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Western Scarves, Bandana, Wild Rags and Wipes

The bandana, kerchief, wild rag, wipes or otherwise known as scarves were something a cowboy could not live without in the old west. It came in handy for many uses such as a dusk mask, earmuffs, sun protection, pot holder, injury sling or even a mask for robbing the stage.

Jacquard Silk Scarves

$44.00 $38.00

Solid Silk Scarves

$30.00 $24.00

Paisley Silk Scarves

$59.00 $54.00

Cotton Voile Scarves

$26.00 $22.00

Sweetheart of the Rodeo

$98.00 $49.00

Cowboy Boot Scarf

$59.00 $54.00

Cowboys & Indians

$59.00 $54.00

Western Paisley Scarves

$59.00 $54.00

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