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The Wild West Wedding Comes Alive at Cattle Kate

western wedding dresses

Western Theme Wedding Dress For Women  And Formal Western Cowboy Attire For Men

Picture a small western town complete with a surface of dirt for Main Street, planked sidewalks, and various businesses lining the street. The general store, the clothiers, the local jail and courthouse, and one or two saloons are just some of the retail outlets completing the setting.

Further down the street, you will find the local church that was probably constructed from the residents of the town. Each Sunday, the pews would be filled with a devout congregation to hear the sermon of the town minister. And on Saturdays, the townies will get together to witness the vows of two young people starting their life together in the Wild West.

Though the days of the Wild West have passed, Cattle Kate still keeps the western glory alive with a full selection of western jewelry, home and garden accessories, gifts, and western wear that includes western wedding dresses that the lovely brides wore. These unique dresses, designed and handmade by accomplished seamstresses in Boise, Idaho, include:

  • Chiffon Angel Swisher Outfits
  • Wedding Barn Dancer Dresses
  • Wedding Bustle Dresses

These can be accessorized with traditional western jewelry, lace parasols, western style shawls, and a cowboy charm garter. We carry a wide selection of western wedding dresses for women and of course we carry a full range of men’s western wedding clothing and accessories as well.

Women’s western dresses were, and are, designed to reflect the pioneer society of the 1800s. School marm dresses, homestead dresses, and barn dancer dresses are but a few of additional western style dresses available from Cattle Kate.

Check out our complete selection of women’s western clothing that includes:

  • Old West dresses
  • Western skirts
  • Riding attire
  • Undergarments and Sleepwear
  • Blouses and Vests
  • Coats and Jackets

Of course we also carry a full line of western accessories to complete your outfit that includes hats, leather gloves, western homestead boots, and lace fans.

Upon request, Cattle Kate will send you a brilliant 40 page western clothing catalog profiling all of our men’s and women’s clothing products. (Note – some of our clothing is only available online.) Your western clothing catalog will be sent by first class mail at no charge within the United States. Alternatively, you can download the catalog from our site.

Whether you are preparing for a western theme wedding or organizing an annual re-enactment of a Wild West event, Cattle Kate is prepared accommodate your guests and participants in a style that will take you back 150 years.

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