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Cattle Kate designs and manufactures authentic old west clothing for men and women. Each piece is made in the USA by one of our talented seamstresses. To compliment our western apparel we offer a wide section western scarveswestern hats, western belts, gloves and introducing our new western wear wedding line.

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Let'er Buck Cologne

$69.00 $58.65

Silk Jacquard Nell Blouse

$129.75 $51.90

Carriage Jacket

$380.00 $95.00

Silk Georgette Camisole

$92.50 $30.00

Side Cross Necklace

$58.00 $49.00

Online Only Products

Maverick Queen Dress

$298.00 $239.00

Calico Camisole

$75.00 $45.00

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