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Re-Enact the Wild Frontier with Quality Western Clothing

women’s western clothing

Re-created Western Wear Clothing For Men And Women

Let us take you back to a time in America when personal transport consisted of a horse and commercial transport included trains and stage coaches. A time where campfires were essential for cooking and clothes were washed in the creek. A time of survival and persistence. A time referred to as ‘The Wild West’.

Cattle Kate can help to take you back there with our wide range of western wear, expertly tailored to re-create the fashions of the western era but with a modern touch. Our product line is diverse with clothing to suit any man or woman such as:

  • Men’s western wear
  • Women’s western clothing
  • Accessories such as women’s parasols, handkerchiefs, scarves and slides, and much more.
  • Home and Gifts that reflect the non-modern times when electricity was barely a dream.
  • Western wedding clothes and accessories.

Western clothing can take you back to an authentic setting whether you are staging a re-enactment of a Wild West show, staging a real life western wedding, or simply staging yourself for a classic western day-to-day look. Cattle Kate can completely outfit you and your friends from head to toe in genuine western clothes.

For men, western wear includes hats, vests, bolos and silk ties, shirts, and western boots. Leather belts and buckles accessorize the outfit in place of the suspenders that were widely used up until the late 1800’s.

Women’s western clothing has a wide range of styles and colors and is brilliantly re-created to portray the western image. Old west dresses, skirts, and riding attire are available as well as blouses and jackets. Accessories include. but are not limited to, hats, bracelets, leather gloves, and scarves.

In addition to an array of western clothes, Cattle Kate also carries a line of western gifts that can accent your home and give a western feel to the décor.

Western style clocks, calendars, corkscrews, and wall art are just a few of the items that you can select and we often offer discounts on select products. If you can’t choose from the wide range of gifts for your special someone, you may want to consider a Cattle Kate gift certificate that ranges from $25 to $100.

All of our western clothing is designed and handmade by our accomplished seamstresses in Boise, Idaho. Our inventory is plentiful and standard orders are shipped within just a few business days (if the item is not in stock, you will be notified with an estimated shipping time). If you have a special occasion and require a custom order, please allow us enough time to tailor make your request and ship it to you before the big day.

Browse the site or contact us today and let us bring your western wear dreams to life!

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