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Horse Riding Attire

We are updating the colors in our classic Riding Apparel line. We have the Classic Riding Skirt, Riding Jacket, Riding Vest and 1800's Split Riding Skirt. They are all interchangable and have been a classic staple in our clothing. The Skirts are full and great for riding and very comfortable. The vest has a more modern design and great for summer allowing for a bit cooler option. The Riding Jacket is a classic design and looks great with the Split Riding Skirt and has fitted seams and has a great fit.

We are working on our first photo shoot of the new catalog. Our photography is inspired by the iconic vintage images of cowgirls from the 20's and 30's lined up in there attire. With their ten gallon hats, roping cuffs, lariats, riding skirts and all looking fabulous in their own individual style.

Check back to our Riding Apparel to see new colors and like our Facebook Page for photo shoot images and updates. 

New Storefront in Boise, Idaho

We are now up and running in our new store. The building is great! It has a great western design with corrigated metal front and rustic barnwood accents. We even have a 9 foot windmill and steel hitching post out front. Check out our Facebook page for images of the new store.

History of Old West Clothing

Cowboys enjoy a mythical importance among American legends. From legendary lawmen, to fearless outlaws, our imaginations of the Old West have been inspired by movies, dime novels, country music, the Wild West shows, and the cowboys themselves!

What makes them so unique? Definitely their attire!

With slight individual and regional differences, the basic Old West cowboy attire the wide-brimmed hat, an ordinary shirt worn beneath a cowboy vest and waistcoat, the cotton or wool trousers, covered halfway with the leather chaps, the distinct tall boots with spurs, and the oversized silk handkerchief worn around the neck.

As interesting as the ensemble may appear, the cowboy clothes lend them a hand on their ranch work, and kept them protected from the environment.

The attire is a mélange of stylistic and cultural traditions that crossed the Western boundaries. The leather drew inspiration from the American Indians, and the early European adventurers quickly adopted the ways. However, the cowboys found little use of Indian traditions. They instead took upon the use of leather for belts, boots, and gloves. Victorian styling worked its way into the elements of the basic cowboy garb only as long as it was practical. That limited it to the buttoned up ethos for the men.

While the men were at it the ladies never stayed far behind in fashion. The 1890’s saw the western women wearing typical Victorian dresses – it was high fashion then! Cowgirls, as the Wild West called had fine riding and trick roping skills. Another thing they put men to shame with was their expert marksmanship. Talk about girl power!

Like the men, the women in the West spent a considerable part of their day in the ranch, which required practical clothing. Many out of necessity began wearing clothes similar to ones worn by their husbands, fathers, and brothers. Some areas witnessed women wearing divided skirts to aide their ranch work and riding. With the advent of the Wild West in the 1900s, splits skirts became increasingly common among western women - and why not? They liberated them to compete with the men in numerous events.

In 1910 it was showgirls like Annie Oakley, Calamity Jane, and others from the Wild West paving the future of cowgirls’ fashion. It is important to note, that for most part the cowboys, and the cowgirls stuck to practicality in their choice of clothes, which is why, subsequent eas saw the Old West population buying, designing, or making clothes specific to their requirements.r

Movie Magic

Working on movies is probably one of our favorite projects. Recently we have been a part of Django Unchained with our Frock coat and vest and Men's 3-in-1 Button shirt. We have worked with supplying old west boots to the set of Hateful Eight. In Canada we have aided a TV Series called Strange Empire where you might see our Frock Coat in the women's version. And then recently, we have been honored to contribute our Low Step'n Swisher skirt to the set of the Magnificent Seven coming soon.  

Stock up on your Western Apparel Needs

Cattle Kate is having a Five Day Sale now through April 18th, 2016! Orders made now through then will receive a 15% off your total purchase. Now is a good time to get that new cowboy hat you have been needing or maybe a new western outfit for a special event you have coming up. Shop now and save!

Men's Western Wear Options

First I must apologize to all the men Cattle Kate shoppers. We do not have nearly the selection of clothing that we should for you. Well that is going to change. 

We have a notebook of ideas coming to you soon. From a modern day western shirt with paisley accents, to a cotton/suede studded shirt to old west vintage designs we know you need more to choose from.

We have never made men's pants before but we are looking into producing two styles. Of course the 1800's option with the buttons for suspenders, but one thing that we have been asked for more then anything? A mens western suit set. Not sure of the plans for this yet, but I think it is needed.

Vests, you will see a lot of the same old west vest styles, we will bring in some new fabrics and maybe even a leather vest.

Western neckwear is very popular in men's accessories, new bolos and new silk tie colors, we can heardly wait to share all our research and design ideas!

Again, we apprecaite all your support of USA made western clothing, and men we hear you, more to come for you!

Cowboy Hats

Cowboy hats were essential tools for anyone working in the elements of the American Old West. Stetson's first style had an open crown and was nicknamed the "Boss of the Plains". After that came the creased look that was destined to become the "Cowboy Style". Cowboy hats can fit anyone's personal stlye with different brim widths and crown shapes. You can also customize your hat style with your own hatband or stampede string to make it that much more unique to you. Some get even more creative, add beads or bling to theirs to stand out that much more. What makes your hat unique?

Spring Western Fashion

Cattle Kate is known for our classic western clothing reminescent of the 1800's clothing. While we have always stayed with a classic old west look we are now going to be creating a new line we like to call "Crazy Kate". The lines will be classic and the fabrics fine, but the looks will have a modern western feel to them. Shorter hemlines, summer sleeveless blouses and button down plaid shirts with lace details and men's pasiley snap shirts. We will alwasys focus on our classic old west clothing that carries on Cattle Kate of the frontier but you will also find our new styles fun to wear and looks that can be worn as everday western wear. 

Western Silk Scarves- Don't leave home without it!

Western silk scarves are not only a staple in the western wear look and make a great accessory to your outfit they also benefit you in warmth. I am always amazed when I wear my scarves how much of a difference they make in keeping me warm all day. 

Looking back at how the cowboys on the range and cowgirls wore them, they almost always just wore it like a long necklace. Not tightly wrapped around the neck. The size we make them nowadays is to wrap around the neck tightly and secure. I think this new catalog will represent this look and we might play with scarf size. I just like the look so much as they wore them so losely and casual. 

We will play with prints and materials, try to bring something different to what is out there now. You have got to love a scarf, don't leave home without it, and remember they come in more handy then just to wear around your neck. Tell us what you look for in a scarf and maybe what you have looked for and not found. Maybe you'll see it in our new catalog!

Cattle Kate has been making silk scarves for over 30 thirty years. The originator of Cattle Kate Started the business making scarves in her basement, before we even made clothing for sale. Our scarves still carry our name branded on them so you know they are a Cattle Kate scarf and we take pride in the fabrics we choose and the ladies that make them for you. 

Planning a Western Wedding

A western themed wedding is becoming a more and more popular theme for a wedding. And why not? Not only is it a fun way to celebrate but the ideas are endless and you can really get creative and save a lot of money!

For example, instead of chairs, set out hay bales for your guests to sit on. You can always dress them up with some burlap and lace. Or mason jar centerpeices, there are so many creative ways to decorate and use mason jars and you can buy them at thrift stores or fairly cheap and discount stores.

Along with decorations, there are fun picture ideas you can incorporate with your guests to add them in the fun or also for your save the date or wedding photos. Old beat up trucks make a good back drop or load the crew in the back and have some silly fun photos. Have a horse present, not only for sweet photo moments but you could arrive to the alter on one!

Western clothing is also where you could have a lot of fun and save money on your western wedding attire. Put the girls in a cute summer dress and some cowgirl boots. Guys can wear their favorite pair of jeans and dress it up with a Cattle Kate silk western tie. Throw some more jean into the mix and play around with plaids. Who says a wedding needs to be dressy and fancy? It is all about the people and celebration. 

The ideas are endless and can fit any couples interests and preferences. Do a little a country and rock-n-roll, do a vintage western theme, have a blingy western wedding, or keep it shabby chic with burlap and lace and throw in the country. No matter the taste you can have a lot of fun rolling around in the hay thinking of ideas for your perfect western wedding. 

Cattle Kate has expanded on our western wedding line and we hand make the wedding dresses here in Boise, Idaho with exceptional fabrics and trims. We would have happy to help you dress your wedding party or supply you with those western wedding decorations that will complete party.

Prairie Rose Henderson a True American Cowgirl

When you say Prairie Rose what do you think of? A flower? I think of a woman of the Wild West, Rose Henderson better known as Prairie Rose.

She made a name for herself first in the Cheyenne Froniter days winning first place in 1899. The first place prize was a $45 saddle.

In addition to preforming at rodeos she joined the Irwin Brothers Wild West Show and dazzled crowds with her daring feats. She also became a fashion sensation designing her own riding clothes. Her classic look was a wide-brimmed hat and knee-length bloomers covered with a skirt and cowboy boots. Her outfits were adorned in feathers and sequins and were not to be overlooked.

I am sure this horsewoman would have been a real fun cowgirl to ride with. She was daring, spirited and determined, a true American Cowgirl. 

Our company has been dedicated to carrying on old west clothing adding our modern day touch of stlye. We hand make all of our clothing here in Boise, Idaho with great attention to quality and detail. The generous amounts of fine quality fabrics in our Western Clothing, the exquisite trims and the finishing touches will remind you of Western Wear made by skilled pioneer women from the past such as Prairie Rose an inspiration to our new designs!

Wagons moving across the west

We are preparing for a large move here at Cattle Kate in a few months. Nowadays we can call a moving company or friends and get it done fairly quickly. Which got me thinking about the good old west days and the families and wagons that traveled across the country in hopes of a better life and dreams of riches.

The Oregon trail was the interstate of the old west but not at all easy to travel. They had to cross rivers, worry about indian attacks, climb steep ascents in rocky terrain. Pioneers risked many injuries with overturned and runaway wagons. It is amazing to the me the battles and severe risks that endangered their lives on a daily basis. 

I know this move will not be easy, but at least it is not in a wagon across vast country with obsticles and threats to my life! 

Vintage Riding Apparel

The fabrics worn for riding from the mid-seventeenth to the early twentieth centuries were made from silks, muslins, and velvets. The fabric used for making women's riding habits could be very expensive and because of the amount of cloth needed, it would often cost substantially more than an evening gown. In the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, riding habits were frequently adorned with gold, silver, or later woolen braiding. And in such bright colors as red with bright gold colored braid details.

For men in the nineteenth century, riding clothing became more subdued in style and hue. The early nineteenth-century gentleman wore a single-breasted tail-coat and cravat. His legs required more specialized garments such as breeches made from buckskin were typically worn. For more dress attire he wore riding trousers or pantaloons with a strap to keep them from riding up. If he wore shoes rather than boots, he could use knee-gaiters to protect his legs.

Because of their practicality, lack of decorative detail, and allowance for mobility, women wore riding habits not only on horseback but also as visiting, travelling, and walking costumes during the day. For women, the upper half of riding habits often differed little from the clothing worn by their male counterparts, with the addition of darts and shaping for the bust. The bottom half of the horsewoman's costume expressed her femininity. Because ladies were expected to ride sidesaddle from the fifteenth to the early twentieth centuries, they wore skirts specially designed for the purpose. While skirts tended to be relatively simple in cut and construction and quite voluminous in the early modern period, the Victorian habit-skirt was a masterwork of tailoring. Because the skirt could catch on the saddle in the event of a fall, injuring or killing the rider, many "safety skirts" were designed and patented by British firms like Harvey Nicholl and Busvine. These asymmetrical shorter skirts took many forms, including the apron-skirt, a false front that covered the legs when mounted and could be buttoned at the back when the rider dismounted.

Emerald green habits with short spencer jackets were popular in the early decades of the nineteenth century and during the 1830s followed the fashions for leg o'- mutton sleeves. During the Victorian period, as men's dress became more somber, so did women's riding habits. This is because riding habits were made by tailors rather than dressmakers and cut and fashioned with the same techniques from the same selection of fabrics. By the end of the century, black was the most appropriate color for women's riding dress. 

The Victorian period introduced breeches and riding trousers for women. This garment prevented chafing and was concealed under the skirt and were made from dark wool to match the habit and remained invisible if the skirt should fly up.

Female emancipation, and increased participation in a wide variety of sports, especially bicycling, changed women's relationship with the riding costume. On their travels, women used horses for practical transportation and exploration and these animals were not always broken to ride sidesaddle. For safety and comfort, women had to ride astride and new habits with breeches or trousers and jackets with long skirts were devised.

Jodhpurs were based on a style of Indian trousers that ballooned over the thighs and were cut tightly below the knees. These became popular for both men and women on horseback. "Ride astride" habits began to become acceptable in the first decades of the twentieth century, though many women continued to ride sidesaddle until mid-century. Tweeds were standard for informal riding wear such as "hacking jackets." In the second half of the twentieth century riding had evolved in the directions of both recreation and competitive sport and specialized clothing with higher safety standards had become the norm, and less expensive materials like rubber replaced leather boots while polar fleece, Gore-Tex, and down jackets were used for warmth and waterproofing.

While horses were often the most practical means of transportation in the eighteenth century, the arrival of rail travel increased the popularity of riding as a leisure activity. Functional clothing worn for work with horses included the carrick or greatcoat of the coachman with triple capes to keep off rain and snow. Those who worked in agricultural contexts around the world developed specialized attire, such as the leather or suede chaps worn by the American cowboy, the sheepskins worn by herders in the French marshes of the Camargue, or the poncho worn by gauchos in South America.

Riding attire has always symbolized grace and leisured elegance. We hope you find our riding jacket and riding skirt a fun modern take on the the vast evolution of the riding habit.

Gifts for your Cowgirl

The perfect selection of Cowgirl Gifts for your everyday cowgirls and cowgirls-at-heart! We've added a variety to our list of suggestions that includes Beaded Horsehair Hatbands to a Flower Cowgirl Boot Vase. Is your friend or lady a cowgirl on the go? Take a look at our Horse Travel Mug or Star Messenger Bag. For the bookworms we have added new books to our page for a great read on those cold days to come. Keep her warm on those days in a new Horse Scarf or our even better our Beautiful Wool Town Jacket. No matter what your cowgirl type is we are sure to have a suggestion to get you in the right direction.

Gift Ideas for your Cowboy

Some cowboys are just so darn hard to buy for! We have created a page on our website just for that reason. A variety of gift suggestions that will hopefully make your shopping easier. Maybe an authentic pocket watch or a sherrif badge for the reenactor in your life. Or do you have a gun enthusiast? We have great products with the classic 12 gauge shotgun shell such as Shotgun Shell Coasters, Big Shot 12 GA Watch, Shotgun Shell Thermos or our newest addition the Big Shot Travel Case. We have great western books for the reader and a Big Shot flask set for the drinker. Dress up that handsome man with some new accessories such as the Aztec Bolo Tie or Silver Collar Tips or with a shiny new Bronco belt buckle. Whatever your cowboy type is we hope you can find a unique gift to spoil him with on our Cowboy Gifts page.

Sarah Bowman The Great Western

Working on new designs here at Cattle Kate we look to the past for inspiration. Inspiration from hollywood, modern western wear and great characters of our past. One lady that currently has our attention is Sarah Bowman, also know as "The Great Western". She stood over six feet tall and 200 plus pounds which gave her the nickname "The Great Western" a referrence to at the time the largest steamboat in the world. Sarah was strong and attractive with firey copper-red hair.

Some of what history tells us of her is she was a part of the Mexican War enlisted with her husband as a cook and laundress. Her bravery and spunkiness earned her much respect from General Zachary Taylor. Such stories of taking in orphans during the war, her sharp shooting skills and even being the first female to open a business in El Paso has us envisioning the outfits she may have worn!

We have been unable to locate any actual images of her but from research and stories we've read she was not your average calico sunbonnet wearing lady. She was tough and intimidating. One story says she claimed "loan me a pair of trousers and I will whip the entire Mexican army all by myself". Our Bowman Outfit named after the infamous Sarah Bowman will be available in our next catalog. Sneek peaks to come!



Silver City Idaho

A couple weeks ago some friends and I made a day trip to Silver City, Idaho. If you have never been or never heard of Silver City it is a ghost town about 2 hours southwest of Boise, Idaho. If you like old west ghosts towns put this one on your list to visit. The buildings are beautiful and the town which in its hayday had about 2500 people walking the streets is still much alive with history today. The western town is tucked away in the mountains and the feel of the era is ever present as you walk dusty streets. For more history on the town visit their website http://www.historicsilvercityidaho.com/ and this weekend September 14th, 2013 the town has an "Open House" and some of the great buildings and houses are opened up for you to peak inside. A great place to visit the yester years!


Western Clothing

Our western clothing is designed and made right in Boise, Idaho. We take inspirations for the past and add touches of modern design to create our Cattle Kate designs. Western clothing has so many elements to it. You can take from the old west the times when the skirts were long and life expectancies short. The high necklines, ruffles, lace details are all feminine touches we love to take from the era. Then you have your "Hollywood" western. Your embroideries and rhinestones and great colors! Western clothing has come a long way over the decades, Cattle Kate will carry on the past and the present in our new designs coming soon!

Django Unchained

We had the honor last year of working on a few garments for the spaghetti western Django Unchained. Our clasic Frock coat was adorned on character Billy Crash. It was a great experience for us and while demanding well worth it! The movie is done very well, if you have not seen it yet it is a must see.

Home Sweet Home

Western Catalog Issue #15

Finally completed Cattle Kate Catalog #15, we have added a few new great designs that have had a great response such as our Ingalls 1800 Skirt and Laura Blouse. For the first time this catalog has increased its page count to 40. More room, more products such as the new horsehair bracelets and fashionable jewelry. Browse through the pages of http://www.cattlekate.com/ to see all our new items or just request a copy of our new catalog out now.

Cowboy Boots....Big Business

We are happily located in Boise, Idaho. We love the area and the people. One thing Boise is in need of is a good western supplier of cowboy boots. There are few shops here that carry any and those who do, have small selections. Sometime in the future Cattle Kate would like to have a good selection to offer the community. Share your favorite brand of boot(s) with us, what do you look for in a cowboy/cowgirl boot?

New items

We are looking everyday for great new western items to compliment our western clothing line. Recently we have added new horsehair items such as our tooled leather and horsehair, spiral horsehair and concho horsehair bracelets all made in the USA. These bracelets all meet Cattle Kate quality expectations, check them out for yourself!

Home home on the Range

Cattle Kate has been hard at work getting a new catalog to you before the Holidays approach. We are on the final stages and have lots of new Cattle Kate western designs, new silk wild rags, vintage western belts and more! Keep checking with us as our site will be updated daily with all the new products being added to the catalog. Happy Trails

Cattle Kate new western catalog

It's been a long time over due for a new updated Cattle Kate catalog and it is finally in the works. We are so excited to show you our new western and modern designs. We are reaching back to the Victorian ages and then also bringing in a new fresh western look for the 21st century. All you western men will also have new designs to browse through. From cozy fannel western shirts to dressy western vests. Keep checking back for our updated post on when the new Cattle Kate catalog will be in mail boxes!

April Sale of the Month

In celebration of Easter, we have marked down our Western Silk Scarves in seleceted colors from our Jacquard Silk and Solid Silk collections. We say you can never have too many scarves. They are great as a fashion accesssory and helpful in weather conditions hot or cold. Speaking of weather, with the warm summer months approaching you'll also need to protect your head from the sun. Why not save a little on a Cattle Kate western cowboy hat? We have added many new styles and are adding more daily. Take 15% off for the month of April and prepare yourself for the warm summer months.


Did you know?

Cattle Kate is a small western clothing manufacture dedicated to quality hand made western garments. Because we are a small company we can spend more time with each customer and create special orders for every individual need. Choose your fabric, choose your length, let us know your vision and we will help create it!

Cattle Kate Western Wedding

Summer weddings are approaching quickly and Cattle Kate is ready to help you. In 2009, we expanded our western wedding line and have continued to add accessories to help you plan your western wedding. Is there something you are looking for and can't find? Did you want the dress made in another fabric? Just ask us! We are here to help!

Cattle Kate hand made western clothing.

Cattle Kate was established in 1980 by Kathy Bressler and started with only wild rags that were sewn in her basement. In 2004, Michelle Miles took over the company and has continued Kathy's vision with passion and the love for the old west. Over the past twenty years Cattle Kate has grown into a western clothing catalog providing all hand made garments designed with inspriation from the yester years.

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